Why Denmark is strange for foreigners?

This blog is not created to humilate Danes. It just shows that all the cultures are different and this blog reveals exactly that different Danish side.Denmark culture. Do not read it if you have weak nerves and do not get irony.

6 steps how to piss off danes

1. Ask “How are You”

2. Speak their language

3. Fail to signal in a bike line

4. Wear your sweatpants in public

5.Smile at their children (or dogs)

6. Act like a human at a grocery store

Seems awkward and strange? The 6 steps come from this article http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/how-to-piss-off-a-dane/

In Denmark you do not need to push,but KICK rubbish bin to open it , found in Baresso, Aarhus.

In Denmark you do not need to push,but KICK rubbish bin to open it , found in Baresso, Aarhus.

Can sex save Danish future? As Danish birth rates are declining , Spies Travel found a new way how to solve this issue. Believe me, it is pretty hilarious…. 

I know it is spring, but isn´t it too breezy for summer shoes for a night party? Not In Denmark!


I guess majority of you heard about the giraffe killed in Copenhagen zoo? (if not check the link). All people argue differently:

  • positivists about the subject: Zoo had adequate reasons, it is an educational aspect
  • negativists about the subject: there would have been other ways, it is barbaric to make a show out of it

So what is your view?

All in all, this is most of the discussed topics at present as even a new similar event might appear soon  (check the link).

Makes sense, ow that Danish pastry

Danes always find interesting ways to play Football…

More about this here

Meanwhile this winter in Denmark….

or should we say kinda every winter in Denmark?

How to pack Christmas presents for customers 

"What each country leads the world in ".


I wonder if thats because Danish teachers drink with their students…