Why Denmark is strange for foreigners?

This blog is not created to humilate Danes. It just shows that all the cultures are different and this blog reveals exactly that different Danish side.Denmark culture. Do not read it if you have weak nerves and do not get irony.

Large group of international exchange students have been asked what is weird in Denmark:

So weird

• How can you like the rain? Is that the reason why the buildings are so fancy?
• Leaving babies outside of shops in the cold
• Square pillows - why do you need so much extra height? People’s heads aren’t that tall!
• Overwhelming hospitality
• Breaking and making cultural stereotypes at will - this leads to contrast, surprise, and confusion
• Spending time on many meetings and talking about many things at work and at study places without reaching an immediate conclusion
• Monarchy
• Blossoming flowers in my neighbour’s garden
• The combination of social welfare state and personal freedoms
• EU membership without using euro
• klippekort (ten-trip transportation card)
• Bananas taste unripe
• People on the street play beautiful music


And that magical word is “GIFT”

Looks like Danish penis is the biggest in Europe according to a comprehensive study by the German media Focus Online ( press for more information). 

Congratulations DANISH MEN!

Just few of the reasons why Denmark is crazy about cycling

Just few of the reasons why Denmark is crazy about cycling

So thats how that Danish language have been born!

This says pretty much all about “What it is like when you visit Denmark for the first time?”


Ow that Danish Language….


6 steps how to piss off danes

1. Ask “How are You”

2. Speak their language

3. Fail to signal in a bike line

4. Wear your sweatpants in public

5.Smile at their children (or dogs)

6. Act like a human at a grocery store

Seems awkward and strange? The 6 steps come from this article http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/how-to-piss-off-a-dane/